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Egypt has proved to the entire world that it is not only one of the founders of Civilizations, but it is one of the countries where heros are born everyday to ensure the continuity of humanity and Good will. Together we all have realized the first step towards a true Democratic practice in our beloved country. 


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This is hopefully the first step towards an organized effort to rebuild our country by concentrating on our own area Zamalek at the Heart of Cairo. For sure if we succeed Egypt as whole will be affected as well. 

 How To Protect Yourself On City Streets

The following list of "safeguards" will help protect you - and may even save your life!


1. When leaving home, make sure that all doors and windows are locked - including the garage door.
2. Watch for loiterers and do not carry large sums of money.
3. If possible, travel with another person. This is especially true after dark.
4. When carrying a purse, women should have only small amounts of cash placed inside. Credit cards, currency, driver's license, keys and jewelry should be carried in a coat or sweater pocket or concealed on your person to reduce the opportunity of large losses. If you do carry a purse, don't wrap the strap around your shoulder, neck or wrist. If your purse is grabbed, a strong strap will not yield easily and you may be injured. Some purse snatch victims have been thrown off balance & received concussions, broken hips, arms or legs. Don't carry anything more valuable than you can afford to lose. Always leave all unnecessary credit cards at home. When you shop and carry a purse, put it in your shopping bag.
5. At night, travel only well-lighted and well- traveled streets.
6. Never hitchhike or accept rides from strangers.
7. Walk on the side of the street nearest to oncoming traffic. If accosted by someone in a car, run in the direction opposite the way the car is headed.
8. Beware of people who approach asking directions; keep a polite but safe distance.
9. A good suggestions for men is to carry a second wallet containing a few pounds and old expired credit cards, which are normally destroyed or discarded. If confronted at knife or gunpoint, give the suspect the second wallet and concentrate on a good physical description to help the police in making the arrest.
10. Upon returning home, particularly after dark, do not linger at the entrance of your residence. Make a quick enter immediately. If you feel something is strange, don't enter but go elsewhere and call for police assistance.
11. If you feel someone is following you, go to the nearest occupied residence or building, and ask for assistance. 
12. If you are confronted with a dangerous situation, cry out for assistance. Yelling "FIRE! FIRE!" instead of "Help!" will generally bring faster attention.
13. The most important thing you can do when you are on city streets or anywhere else is to be aware of your surroundings. 
14. Understand that criminals look for easy opportunities to assault an unsuspecting victim. 
15. A typical target will be a person who is clearly from out of town and may be intimidated by big city life. 
16. Be careful where you go, and pay attention to everything and everyone around you. 
17. A predator never wants to be seen before committing a crime, so if you walk intently with your head held high and survey everything, you will be a far less likely target.
18. When you are out at night, try to stay in areas that are brightly lit. 
19. Darker streets and alleys offer the perfect cover for an assailant to hide and catch you by surprise. Walk with friends anytime you can, because criminals are far less likely to approach a group than an individual. 
20. If you are alone, keep a brisk pace, get to where you are going and make your way inside. 
21. As you return to your vehicle, be prepared to get in right away. 
22. Lock the door and drive off quickly. 
23. You never know when a predator may be nearby watching to see if you linger and give them an opportunity to assault you.
24. They watch for potential victims at all times, and one of the things they look for is someone who is obviously carrying a large amount of money or valuable personal items. 
25. Never flash cash on a city street, as that will encourage a thief to target you. 
26. It's a good idea to keep your money well hidden and located in an area that is difficult to get to. 
27. Women should carry their purses close to their bodies, but not with the shoulder strap placed securely around the neck. 
28. It's better to let a thief take your personal belongings than to risk being hurt. 
29. Carry as little cash as possible, and only one or two credit cards. Then if the purse is taken, your loss will not be too great. 
30. Although it's always best to be polite, even to strangers, it is a good idea to be very wary of anyone you don't know who approaches you. They may ask for directions, money or anything else. Answer quickly, and continue on your way. If they persist, tell them that you are unable to help and mention that a police officer would be better suited to provide assistance. 
31. You may find yourself being followed, and if so remain in a public area. Find a police station or security guard and explain your predicament.
32. When an attack is unavoidable, you must be prepared to fight back. 
33. Practice any self defense maneuvers you know and aim for pressure points on the assailant's body. 
34. If you have a self defense weapon like pepper spray or a stun gun, don't be afraid to use it. The device will protect you and leave no permanent damage on the aggressor.

Our Mission

* Get Organized to better Serve our community.

* Protect our Families, Neighbors and Friends.

* Ensure a Decent and a Democratic Life Style.

* Beautify Our Area and Our Behaviours.

* Make Zamalek a Better Place to Live and Work.

* Serve as a Model to our Neighboring Areas and Our Beloved Country.

* Join Hands to Fight Corruption, Pollution, Illiteracy, Crime, and Any thing that would Threaten Our Peaceful Life. 

For your own safety and your family's

Who to Call if you are trouble:

Central Army Number 16037

Military Police Number 16039

Emergency Call 16137 / 16138 

Kindly note that the following numbers are for the mobile police cars in Kasr el Nile area.




How to protect your children:

Child GPS Tracker Watch

Our Organization was founded on the 25/01/2011 to protect our families, neighbors and friends from the released criminals from the jails of Egypt during the 25th protests.


Colonel  Nasr

Prof. Mohamed Yousri Hamed

Mr. Mohanad Samir Fikry

Mr. Ziad Ammar

Mr. Tamer El Sherif

Mr. Karim Hassan

 Our organization is unique due to the fact that we are all neighbours and friends who simply CARE about each other and about the rest of our beloved country.

We were all on our feet ready to defend our families and friends down on the streets of Zamalek, as soon as we heard the call from a mobile speaker to gather our weapons and join our hands.

In a matter of an hour we have managed to secuire our beloved Island Zamalek by a strong defense line on the main 4 entrances of the Island, and on every street corner and building entrance.

We have done it. We will do it again if neccessary. We will die together if needed. We are proud to be Egyptians and more proud to be the The Zamalek Guardians who have showed our neighbouring areas the way to protect themselves, their families and friends.

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